Friday, July 25, 2008

How to Pack for a Hamptons Weekend in 10 Minutes With 1 Regular-sized Longchamp Bag

In case you were thinking this is just another blog of partying stories and existential's something useful for the girls :)

Friends always on your case about over-packing for weekend trips?

Do they not understand that you need daytime/nighttime/dress/shoe/purse OPTIONS and cannot possibly predict what you will feel like wearing 48 hours in advance?

If so, I feel your pain, and after several weekends out of town, I (think) I can now survive an entire weekend with only the contents in a regular-sized Longchamp bag. The key is to be a leech off – uh, I mean, to share with - other girls going with you. Remember, don’t bring anything someone else will be bringing, which means you can bring more clothes with fewer annoying comments about how big your bag is!

He's ready for the weekend!

Here’s your to-bring list for a late Friday to late Sunday trip to somewhere beachy with nightlife, like the Hamptons (but also works for Miami and St. Tropez). You can pack this list in 10 minutes flat.

-flat, cute sandals you can walk in (not flip flops)
-heels, black

-2 dresses in minimally wrinkle-able material, in a style that does not require bras, which take up more space
-underwear (nude colored, in case you wear white clothes)
-2 bikinis
-2 daytime sundresses (again, non wrinkle, non-bra required preferred)
-1 slip to sleep in (extra points if it can double as a daytime dress for Sunday)
-evening clutch (doubles as a wallet)

-DO bring: toothbrush, mascara, lipgloss, safety pins, Advil, bobby pins, hair elastics, cash, credit/debit cards, ID, deodorant, perfume, contacts case, extra contacts (!!)

-DON’T bring**: jewelry (you will definitely lose it); shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toner, eye cream, floss, cell/camera chargers, body wash, toothpaste, blowdryer, sunscreen, any linen clothing (requires ironing)

-Wear: shorts, tshirt/tank, hoodie, sneakers, sunglasses, ipod, cell, camera, a book (the OCD girl will definitely bring magazines) and use your beach towel as a pillow in the car.

**There’s always an OCD girl who will bring everything you could possibly need. Remind her that sharing is caring.

Have a great weekend!

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StunnedintheCity said...

Hahaha! Stellar packing advice. I think my regular-sized Longchamp bag might actually be a porthole to another appears bottomless. I "backpacked" Europe with nothing but a Longchamp bag and an L.L. Bean backpack a la elementary school.