Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Can't Stand Regina Spektor


My lack of posts over the past three weeks was purely to elicit flattering inquires from you all as to why I haven't written anything, and not for lack of material...or laziness. Just the opposite actually. Since my previous entry, I have experienced the entire range of human emotion. And by entire, I mean that I've been largely frustrated, pissed, stressed, overworked, and wistful (friends moving away, shakeups at work, ex visiting from London, contemplating law school/career change, etc) but intermittently inspired and entertained (some entertaining and random happenings, meeting random creative people/entrepreneurs, a Boston mini-break, etc.)

The human body is just amazing. I never thought I could work 16+ hours a day (8am - past midnight), five days a week, for over two weeks, without collapsing...but what do you know, I am still alive. Around 11PM every night, I start contemplating law school or being one of those perfume-spritzer girls at department stores who just have to stand there and smile.

So what do I do when I get out of the office at 9PM last night? Catch up on sleep? No, I went out, of course! At my friend's birthday dinner at Butter, three friends of friends of the birthday boy drop by. No one knew why the hell they sat down, but I made small talk to diffuse the awkwardness.

Party crasher girl 1: Talking to someone in Polish about perogies and her love for Polish Kitchen.
(I'm really amused that she's talking about the first two things that come to my mind when someone mentions Poland. Well, other than Belvedere I guess.)

Party crasher girl 2: Tells me she dabbles in music, film, writing, fashion styling for photo shoots, and hangs out at Freeman's Alley. When I ask for details (these dabblers fascinate me), she can't name a single source where I can see her work (or should I say "work"). When I ask her what kind of music she/her band plays, she tells me,

" hip hop funk pop electronic, retro, ya know?"

No, I do not know. Nor did I know what she meant when she said,

"I've known him (points to the guy she came with) for years. We randomly met one night at Freeman's Alley. But sometimes you know someone and sometimes you KNOW someone, you know? I like to really know people."

Verbatim, I swear. And no, I don't know or care.

But wait, it gets better. She proceeds to ask for an extra dirty martini (I'm rolling my eyes!!! ha ha hahahaha) and pull up a chair for dinner, and helps herself to my napkin (ew, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a mistake)!!

Party crasher Guy: Actually went to my high school freshman year, until he transferred after moving to the 'burbs.
He tells me he's into web design, but doesn't have a card and cannot name a single site he's created. Uh, make any sense to you? Can anyone say poseur?

All this (and several warm jelly donuts, almost as good as the ones at Stanton Social) gave me indigestion, and I was in bed early - that's 1am by my standards.

Only in New York, yup.

That's all I've got at 5am!


mike said...

A web design poseur???? Wow, I didn't know my job was so sexy.

-S said...

Hmm, Web Design Poseur. I will succeed in using that line one day.

Sorry for the lack of reading, luckily the few posts I've missed were easy to catch up on. Hope all is well, you still need to call. bye.

BGG_C said...

It amazes me that after working 24hrs a day for wks you still manage to write an essay about a brief encounter with 3 random ppl! hehehehhe!! but keep them coming, I love reading them!! hehehehe!!! And Im sure Gemma loves listening to them! hahahahah!!! Miss u like crazy!!! xoxo, C