Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Noodle Bar Review - Intro

Who actually knows the words to Earth Wind and Fire's "September"?........yea, I didn't think so! The chorus goes:
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ba dee da dancing in September
ba dee da never was a cloudy day

You're welcome.
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(Attempt to) review (almost) every single noodle bar in New York City....and by every, I mean only the places I feel like reviewing.

1) I really want to write about food, but something different from what's already out there. Is it just me or are most food/restaurant review blogs/sites, including some really popular and well-respected ones, BORING BEYOND BELIEF?!! Sad, since being a food critic has to be one of the most enviable jobs, but it's true. They review the same places, say the same things about those same places, and are generally unenthusiastic.

But as far as I know, no one has ever written a comprehensive review of noodle bars in NYC. Some places on my list have gotten a lot of hype (Momofuku, Matsugen, Ippudo, etc.), but a lot of others have never been reviewed at all, so this little project will be something fresh.

2) Noodle bars are a restaurant category just small enough that I can cover most of them, and just large enough that a review will hopefully be interesting and worthwhile. Plus, it's a noteworthy genre - it's made otherwise nameless chefs into celebrities (David Chang), and celebrity chefs jump on the bandwagon (Jean-Georges Vongerichten).

3) Soba, ramen, dangmyeon, udon, etc - I love it all!

My friend Gemma, who has an exceptionally discerning palate, and is never timid to say what she really thinks, is going to join me. Thanks girl!

We are aiming to visit, and I aim to write about, at least one spot a week...until we're totally sick of noodles, get (noticeably) fatter, or finish with our list (see below). If I didn't have a life, I would try to go the same night each week, for consistency.

NYC only, with the exception of that place in NJ that is apparently the best noodle shop outside Japan.

Grading Criterion:
Gemma and I will rate each noodle bar independently out of a total of 100 points, allocated as follows:

35 points Noodles - texture, taste

25 points Broth - flavor, temperature

15 points Toppings

15 points Overall taste

5 points Service

5 points Ambiance

The List
There are 31 thus far, which means we'll be done in 8 months...which means this list needs revision. Am I'm missing any places worth reviewing? Or including places you hate? Let me know!

Bo-Ky Restaurant
Eastern Noodles
Food Shing
Kelley & Ping
La Cascade
Mee Noodle Shop
Momofuku Noodle Bar
New Chao Chow
Noodle Bar
Noodles on 28
Ollie's Noodle Shop & Grill
Ramen Setagaya
Santouka Ramen (This is in NJ. Yes, we are very dedicated to this project)
Soba Koh
Soba Nippon
Udon West

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Lily said...

Sounds delicious! I know there are a lot of great places in Korea Town