Friday, July 11, 2008

Matt, Shut up! =)

I’m moving to Kiehl’s at 13th & 3rd, from my lovely home in East Village.

I’m sad to be leaving Back Forty, Westville East, Mercadito, The E.U., Max, Kasadela, East Village ice cream, B Cup, Panifico, Café Mogador, and much much more. Oh, girls across the street – I’ll miss you two, too. Sad!!

2) Text: Hope you are having a great day at work!! I enjoyed your blog :) Although I was looking for the hot sexy bicycle museum guy story!!!!

Haha…here’s your shoutout man! This is the only text/email I'll transcribe, because this whole writing about my life for random people to read thing really weirds me out. Aside from my Street Date post (BTW, I'm Winnie), I am going to avoid writing about guys I go out with unless it’s particularly funny/embarrassing/cute/ridiculous or completely in the past.

Like the time I got yelled at by this guy I was seeing, Peter, for not knowing that Donald Trump’s second oldest son was turning 24 years old. Eric Trump’s birthday party invitation said “Come to sweet 16 ice skating party!” and I told Peter, no thanks. How was I supposed to know it was a joke?! Ivanka, Donald Jr., fine - I’ve watched the Apprentice and they are in the media, so the average person knows roughly how old they are. But who the hell knows who Eric Trump is?! Or how old he is?! Eeesh. If you thought you were being invited to a sweet 16 ice skating party, wouldn’t you laugh/scoff too?! Peter, who I quickly realized is crazy (and I mean CRAZY), decided to give me the silent treatment for a few days, then cancelled plans to go to Fuerza Bruta….an hour before we were supposed to go. His way of getting back at me…for not wanting to go to a sweet 16 birthday party...for a 24 year old. He’s writing a book now…a memoir, at age 27. Whaaaa? Exactly.

3) Late bloomer

I am 23 years old and cannot ride a bike, no joke. But I’m going to learn this this month, even if I can’t find training wheels big enough for me. My friend Valerie, who's 24, used to not be able to ride one either, but she learned during the long weekend - traitor. Come to think of it, I’m a late bloomer with a lot of things…hmmm…

I imagine bike riding to be like this (Audrey Hepburn and what appears to be Toto from the Wizard of Oz)

or like this (X GAMES!)

but realistically, I will probably end up like this =(

4) Blog news

After coming across this blog from Down by the Hipster, Miss Model Behavior (entertaining, irreverant, funny) contacted me about a possible future project! I actually went to a party in East Hampton last weekend that she wrote about, so I’ve probably seen her before. I got another email from a Josh Beckerman, who writes nycfoodie and was at Rose Bar last Wednesday, the night I wrote about. It’s a small, blog-filled world out there. I'm like a blog groupie...

Also, while I can’t claim to be the entire cause of the ruckus between two popular NY nightlife blogs, I’m tickled to have been mentioned. I like stirring things up…

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